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Wellington Dukes Education Policy
The Wellington Dukes values and respects the commitments made by both players and families to our team. It is our mission to support the student athlete with the very best learning environment. In this way, it is hoped that every player may achieve his personal educational goals. To accomplish this, the team adopted the following:

  • The Dukes will have an Educational Consultant(s) to support the academic expectations outlined in its Education Policy
  • That the Dukes will convene meetings on a regular basis to inform players and in turn parents, of the opportunities available for their sons and of their current academic progress

Team Expectations

  • The team expect players to attend school while playing for the Dukes 
  • The Education Consultant will be available for all players and families
  • That all educational needs will be addressed promptly and strategies developed to ensure academic success for all players
  • That computer access will be provided for all players
  • That practice time will be scheduled around regular school days and hours
  • That all players be offered the opportunity to complete their academic program in the locale of the team when the season finishes
  • That regular communication occurs between the Education Consultant and Team Management

Player Expectations

  • That all players adhere to the teams' Education Policy
  • That all players be expected to attend high school until graduation 
  • That all players enrolled in educational programs are expected to participate fully in all classes and strive to maintain a passing grade 
  • That all players be encouraged to pursue post-secondary pathway

Education Consultant Expectations

  • To liaise with players/schools/team and parents 
  • To communicate with Team Management to support the team’s Education Policy
  • To facilitate the registration process with players at high school and post-secondary pathways 
  • To provide academic counseling and support including facilitating tutor assistance when necessary
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