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Nos Player Pos Height Weight D.O.B. Hometown
 JAKE BURTONFwd6'1"174 lbsJune 26, 1999SUDBURY, Ontario
 NICK DURAJLIJAD6'5"205 lbsApril 14, 1999HAMILTON, Ontario
 TEDDY MCGEENFwd5'11"157 lbsDecember 18, 1997WINDSOR, Ontario
 ANDREW RINALDIFwd5'11"161 lbsMarch 15, 1998MONTREAL, Quebec
 BRETT THORNED6'2"190 lbsMarch 15, 1999BEDFORD, Nove Scotia
 ALEC TILEYD6'1"172 lbsApril 27, 1998SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts
 JUSTIN VERTESIG6'4"181 lbsMarch 15, 1999HAMILTON, Ontario
#7DANIEL PANETTAFwd5'9"172 lbsMay 20, 2001BELLEVILLE, Ontario
#10KYLE PRENDELFwd6' 175 lbsFebruary 23, 1997BROOKLYN, Michigan
#12MITCHELL MENDONCAFwd6' 175 lbsJuly 14, 1998THOROLD, Ontario
#16RORY MILNEFwd5'11"178 lbsMay 27, 1997OSHAWA, Ontario
#17COLIN DOYLEFwd6' 185 lbsMay 12, 1998CAMPBELLFORD, Ontario
#19ZACH UENSD5'11"160 lbsMay 13, 2001BELLEVILLE, Ontario
#20EVAN FOLEYFwd5'10"170 lbsNovember 2, 1998BELLEVILLE, Ontario
#22MITCHELL MARTANFwd5'8"187 lbsJune 30, 1998WHITBY, Ontario
#23BRYSON MICHELD6'1"211 lbsSeptember 27, 1999OTTAWA, Ontario
#24JACKSON ARCANFwd6'2"182 lbsMay 22, 1999THORNTON, Ontario
#25MACKENZIE WARREND5'11"195 lbsFebruary 16, 1999BELLEVILLE, Ontario
#26KEEGAN FERGUSOND6'1"185 lbsFebruary 20, 1999GRAFTON, Ontario
#28BRENDAN RYLOTTFwd6' 180 lbsJuly 6, 1999COBOURG, Ontario
#30VICTOR-OLIVIER COURCHESNEG6'2"192 lbsNovember 16, 1997QUEBEC CITY, Quebec
#31BROCK TUFTSG5'10"181 lbsJune 30, 1997BELLEVILLE, Ontario
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